• Jokers may not be used in a 2022 grouping as this is not a Kong (a grouping of 4 identical tiles).
  • A tile may only be called in 2022 if the tile is for Mah Jongg.

  • FF 246 888 246 888  
  • 246 is not a Pung (a grouping of 3 identical tiles).
  • These are 3 individual tiles that are grouped together.
    Therefore you may not use a Joker in 246

  • DDDDD NNNN 11111
  • The parenthetical for this hand explains that it is played with Any Dragon, Any Wind, Any No.
  • The Number does not have to be in the same suit as the Dragon.

  • 1122 33333 33333
  • 1122 is not a Kong (a grouping of 4 identical tiles).
  • Therefore you may not use a Joker in 1122 and
    you may not call any of the tiles in 1122 unless it is for Mah Jongg.

  • FFF 1111 FFF 2222
  • Each Pung of Flowers is called separately should the player call for an exposure.

  • 1111 NN E W SS 1111 2222 NN E W SS 2222 
  • The Kongs (4 identical tiles) must either both be any odd or both be any even numbers.

  • 336 33669 336699
  • Jokers may not be used in any of these groupings.
    They are groupings of Singles and Pairs.

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