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There are often questions regarding the rules and especially the hands in the new cards issued each year. This page is an effort to address those questions in a concise fashion, so that you do not have to contact the League personally. If you have other questions, please write to the League with a self-addressed, stamped envelope.

Questions Regarding the 2014 Card?  From the NMJL

222 000/1111 4444  

You may use ANY suit for the 222. The 000 must be the white dragon only. This is a 2 suit hand so the 1111 and 4444 must be a different suit from the 222. The 000 are neutral.   


FFFF 2222 0000 14   This hand may be played in ANY one suitů.(Craks, Bams or Dots) The 0000 must be the white dragon only.