• 2017 CARD

  • FF 1111 DDDD 1111
  • FFF 1111 FFF 1111
  • Q- Do these hands have to be played with 1's only?
    • A- No, these hands can be played with any like numbers, in 3 suits.

  • 2017 HAND
  • 222 0000 111 7777
  • Q- Do the 2's have to be played in any specific suit?
    • A- The 1's and 7's must be played in the same suit.
      The 2's must be played in any other suit.
  • NNNNN DDDD 11111
  • Q- Do the dragons and the number tiles have to be played in different suits?
    • A- The dragons and number tiles may or may not match. This hand must be played with any 5 like winds, any 4 like dragons, and any five like numbers.

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